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Solutions and Services in technologies of audio, video and communications
Collaborating in the digital transformation of your organization
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Audiovisual Communication Solutions

Integral Solutions and Services in technologies of In our competitive environment the use of audiovisual resources is essential to attract the attention of the audience, creating in your facilities the most suggestive environment to stimulate and increase the significance of the message with a powerful and innovative presentation. Read more  

Audiovisual Production Solutions

Solutions for production, storage, transmission and broadcasting of audiovisual content, integrating the market-leading solutions. Read more  

Content Management Solutions

Advanced solutions for scanning, catalogue, management, archiving and distribution (digital signage, IPTV, Web and TDT) of digital content. Read more  

Security & Control Solutions

afety and control access solutions design through the integration of advanced technologies.Read more  

Solutions for Leisure, Culture and Entertainment

A deep knowledge of the most advanced audiovisual technology solutions (lighting, projection, sound...) and a skilled creative and engineering team, provide us a global approach for your projects. Read more  

Consulting and Technical Assistance services Solutions

Consulting and Technical Assistance services Solutions Read more  

Recent Projects

SERGAS - Galician Health Authority

VITELSA has implemented for the SERGAS an advanced video conferencing network that provides over its IT infrastructure a high quality HD communication experience and redundancy between scattered geographic locations More

ENAGAS - Headquarters

VITELSA has been selected by the Spanish energy company ENAGÁS for the renovation of the audiovisual equipment of its headquarters, thanks to its extensive experience in the advanced technological equipment for workspaces with high functionality More

GADIR Phoenician Museum

VITELSA has collaborated with the city of Cadiz (Spain) in the enhancement of the Phoenician archaeological site, preparing the Museum Plan, Architectural Plan and Technology Project. The new museum will contribute, through the use of advanced technologies, to extend in an innovative way the knowledge of the daily life of the Phoenicians in the ancient Gadir More