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Audiovisual Communication Solutions



In the current dynamic and competitive environment, the use of audiovisual resources is essential to attract the attention of the audience, creating in your facilities the most suggestive environment to stimulate the audience and increase the significance of the message with a powerful and innovative presentation.

The multiple channels available today, such as Digital Signage, Internet, IPTV, DTV or mobile telephony, will also allow you to achieve a still major portion of your target.

Vitelsa has a wide experience in applying the most advanced audiovisual technologies to institutional settings and large corporate campuses, being able to combine infrastructure and sophistication in the design of communication spaces, meeting rooms, auditoriums and sale areas.

Thanks to our engineering and integration abilities and our vast experience in this area, we are also capable of tackling projects with a global approach, coordinating the design and implementation of all the multiple layers of infrastructure (lighting, audiovisual, data, public address, security ...) necessary in the implementation of this type of venues.


Audiovisual Communication Solutions

  • Solutions of presentation and audiovisual communication in meeting rooms and auditoriums
  • Content management and distribution - Digital Signage, management of collaborative distributed environments
  • Systems conference, voting and simultaneous translation. Rooms for discussion and vote
  • Recording systems in meeting rooms and conference halls.
  • Centralized or distributed storing solutions for image, video, audio and documents - media library
  • Electronic Control and process automation systems
  • Public address systems
  • Technical infrastructure for voice, data and video - Systems of content generation and exploitation
  • ...



  • Technology Consulting
  • Engineering
  • Integration of global systems for audio and video
  • Training and on-line service or remote
  • Warranty and Maintenance System
  • ...


















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