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Content Management Solutions

Through grupovitelsa we offer our clients the integration of a complete portfolio of advanced solutions of scanning, catalogue, management, archiving and distribution (digital signage, IPTV, Web and TDT) of digital content.


We also adapt and personalize the needs of our client thanks to the parameterization and solutions development available through XTREAM, a software company participated by the group.


This complete portfolio is empowered by the services of consultancy, engineering and technical assistance provided by our staff, with a wide and recognized experience in the sector.





Xtream Solutions


  • Multichannel recording system for video and audio.
  • Allows the recording and planned or manual mode continuous (24x7).
  • Search by channel, date and time of release and ability to cut.
  • Uses: legal copy in televisions, media monitoring, …

  • Media management system enables the recording, documentation, archiving, and retrieval of multimedia files (video, audio, PDFs, text, WORD, etc).
  • Allows the video recording from video player or live source and supports various compression formats (MPEG1-2, WMV, MP3, DV25-50).
  • Documentation through customizable templates for the user.
  • Automatic indexing for audio and video.
  • Powerful and flexible searches.

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  • Settlement of digital recording of legal hearings, now implanted in thousands of courtrooms in LATAM, Portugal and Spain.
  • Allows the recording, cataloging, archiving and consulting of trial videos.
  • Possibility of viewing video interventions or by completely.
  • Generation of copies on CD / DVD / VCR for the parties.
  • Integration with legal management systems.

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  • Broadview is the software solution to facilitate the comprehensive management of all kind of security and control systems, integrating the information from CCTV systems with Access Control, Perimeter control, Fire control and other security and control systems.
  • Broadview is based on Internet technologies and SOA architecture, with a development concept fully based on industry standards.

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  • Software solution that facilitates the secure and automated interception, recording and management of massive oral communications.
  • AUDITOR is based on secure technologies both for the recording and for the transmission of information via data networks.
  • The system is targeted to those areas in need of monitoring and recording of communications, emphasizing their applications in public and private security and services auditing.


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PYou can find more information on solutions for Digital Content Management for Xtream on its website